Omake.03 (Bonus)

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*These are to be read right to left, then from top to bottom. Click them to see a larger version. Enjoy!

4koma interlude 3 part 1

4koma interlude 3 part 2

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7 thoughts on “Omake.03 (Bonus)

  1. Finally, the long-awaited next set of bonus comics! Enjoy!

    I’m tacking these at the end of Arc 8, it just makes more sense to put them there. I’ll link them again on the next chapter in case anyone’s missed them.

    Thanks to everyone who has supported me through paypal and patreon! We’re already on track to reach the tier of bonus comics for this current arc, so I’m looking forward to doing those too.

    Alright, time to work on the next chapter, so you on Saturday!

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