000 – September 30th

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Alexis is a girl at the height of her high school career, a social butterfly with no shortage of friends, popularity, or things to do on the weekends. Until she falls victim to a vicious attack, and is brought to the brink of death. She survives, but it soon becomes clear that she cannot return to the same life she nearly left. At the risk of her body and mind, Alexis attempts to deal with the changes both around and within her…

At the very least, you cannot say that the girl didn’t try.

Entirely Presenting You is a superhero web serial in the modern supernatural genre, with elements of action, and occasionally horror and psychological drama. It has since concluded, with all chapters available on this site to read for free.

Also, know that this story will be dark, and will not stray from themes including, but not limited to, graphic violence and language. Effort will be made to take such subjects as seriously as they deserve to be, but potentially queasy readers should be wary, regardless. But most importantly, this was written for fun, and hopefully readers will have some fun along the way.

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A girl’s story will be presented in its entirety. And it begins on the night of September 30th. If you are able, enjoy.