Omake.02 (Bonus)

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*Start from the right-most comic, reading from right to left, then from top to bottom. Click them to see a larger version. Enjoy!

4koma interlude 2 pa with text


4koma interlude 2 pb text

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5 thoughts on “Omake.02 (Bonus)

  1. Making the long awaited bonus comics a spontaneous Thursday update. Really hope you guys enjoy them, as these are the first comics that came from reaching the donation tier. Also, these are just fun to make.

    Just in case:
    “Not Every Joke Lands…” is an ‘outtake’ from chapter 11.
    ‘Not Dressed to Impress’ is chapter 18
    ‘So Close’ and ‘So Far’ are from chapter 41, and should… ease people into the next arc.

    See you Saturday, and thanks again for all the support and donations. If we can keep it up, I can keep making more 🙂


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